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Cheap taxi from Schiphol airport

Looking for a cheap taxi to Schiphol?

A cheap taxi from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, read our tip: For a taxi to Schiphol you have come to the right place. The Schipholtaxi for a fixed and sharp rate. Also for a taxi bus to Schiphol we can provide you with spacious and luxurious buses. We are an official taxi company that has been in business for over 30 years. With us you pay a fixed amount for your taxi to Schiphol. No surcharges will be added, just the same day and night rate for a Schiphol taxi.

Our cars, luxury taxi or taxi bus to Schiphol

Our fleet consists of fairly new to new cars and taxi buses. When you get in with us you have a reliable car and comfortable seating. The taxis vary from passenger cars like Mercedes-E, Hyundai to Mercedes-S or BMW-7 series.

More space taxi bus to Schiphol

A step larger are the MPV or SUV of Jaguar F-Page and Chrysler. For even more seating and luggage space, we have Mercedes-Vito taxis in the 8-person version. Here we also have a larger variant, the extended 8-person taxi van, which can carry even more luggage.

Taxis to Schiphol or luxury taxi

Read all about a cheap taxi to Schiphol here.

With our Schipholtaxi service we offer you good and comfortable private taxi transport for a cheap price. We offer you fixed rates for a taxi to Schiphol, 7 days a week 24 hours a day, and without any surcharges. If you would just step into a Schiphol taxi at a stand for a ride to or from Schiphol Airport, you do not know in advance what the costs will be, and you will certainly be a lot more expensive. The legal maximum taxi rates are over two Euros per kilometre. On top of that there is a boarding fee and a waiting fee. With us, you pay an all-in price for a taxi to Schiphol, which is many times lower.

Cheap taxi to Schiphol, read the tips !

With us you can travel to and from Schiphol Airport in a cheap way. It is often thought that traveling by taxi to Schiphol is expensive. Because we always drive loaded, we can keep prices as low as possible. In addition, it is much more comfortable to travel to Schiphol by taxi than by public transport. On this page we will give you more information about the possibilities you have when you travel to Schiphol with us.

A taxi to Schiphol?

When you travel with us you will be treated personally. For us you are not one of the many customers. We hope that you like our taxi service and that we can do something for you in the future. In addition, we want to give you a trusted feeling during the taxi ride to Schiphol. That is why we want to make sure that it does not matter if you travel to Schiphol with us or with an acquaintance.

Looking for a taxi Den Haag Schiphol :

We make sure that we are always there on time – Taxi to Schiphol

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that a flight is delayed or cancelled. We would like to keep an eye on this for you, so that you will not arrive too late at the airport. Therefore we advise you to fill in your booking reference when booking a taxi to Schiphol. When you use our taxi service after your return flight, we will also keep an eye on your flight. This way we make sure that even if your flight times change, we will be there on time. Of course we will inform you in advance where we will wait for you.